Economic Policy Paper Series (2019 – ongoing)


CDA produces a quarterly series of papers making concrete policy recommendations that contribute to a key driver of inclusive economic transformation in Uganda. The project aims to contribute to home-grown, contextualised and evidence-based ideas that inform economic policy-making, strengthen CDA’s capacity to become a key local economic policy influencer, and strengthen the capacity of other local organisations to make substantive contributions to economic policymaking.

The first paper in the series, What’s in it for SMEs? Rethinking small business taxation, shows how Uganda’s current tax system may be constraining decent job creation and offers a research and action agenda for building a tax system that fosters SME growth and formalisation. This paper was delivered to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

EPPS#2: Delivering Industrialisation makes the case for a President’s Industrialisation Delivery Unit to catalyse short and long-term economic transformation. The paper was delivered to the Office of the President and other key stakeholders.

EPPS#3: Adding Value to Uganda’s Wood presents a 10-year vision for the country’s wood industries and proposes industrial policy measures around a set of sequenced ‘missions’ for transforming the sector to create jobs, industrial spillovers, and more.

Funder: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

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