Publication of Phase I: Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative Report

Publication of Phase I: Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative Report

Posted: November 28, 2018

The Center for Development Alternatives, Enterprise Uganda, and Koltai & Company released the Phase I findings of the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs’ (ANDE) Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative on November 28. The Phase I report maps the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Kampala and Gulu—two key regions for Ugandan economic growth. It outlines a strategic path forward for promoting entrepreneurship in these regions, recommending specific actions to overcome ecosystem constraints.

“Uganda’s unrivaled entrepreneurial energy can and must be nurtured so that it creates thriving enterprises that drive decent employment growth for one of the world’s fastest growing and most youthful populations,” said Max Walter, Executive Director, Centre for Development Alternatives. “This report presents a roadmap for how finite resources can be focused on the most impactful ways of doing just that.”

ANDE’s Executive Director, Randall Kempner stated: “Uganda has a strong entrepreneurial culture, but small businesses are hindered by a lack of capital access, a challenging tax regime, and underdeveloped business support services. We hope to support Ugandan leaders, from the private, educational, and public sectors as they work together to overcome these barriers“.

The key findings in our report are: 

1) Informality and misaligned tax incentives are constraining entrepreneurship.

2) Catalyzing investment in small and growing businesses is key to moving Ugandan entrepreneurship forward.

3) Business development services have the potential to kickstart ecosystems, particularly in Gulu

The second phase of the initiative will use these findings to design and implement a multi-stakeholder, multi-million-euro program to develop Ugandan entrepreneurship, beginning in 2019.

Read ANDE’s official press release here.

Download the official report here.